Important tips for choosing the right Gift Baskets

Gift baskets have become pretty popular in recent time. The gift baskets can contain different types of elements. You can make it exotic by adding products from all over the world. However, in order to make it memorable and creative, you can follow the ideas that have been given below.

Consider the Recipient

When you make the gift basket, you have to consider what the recipient loves. Find out if he/she loves chocolate, coffee, sports, or wine. As a matter of fact, what the recipient does also need to be taken into account. The Toronto gift baskets that you will be offering to the recipient should reflect his/her personality, as well as life-experience. If they love chocolate then make sure that you get some them specially made. This will make the gift attractive and different.

Take Your Own Choice into Consideration

The gift basket will be a reflection of your personality, as well. It also reflects your likes and taste. Thus, make sure that you take your choice into consideration. For this, you can include an item that you have purchased from your last travel. You can also add the drink that you like. This will make the recipient feel that you consider him/her to be important in your life.

Include Something Personal that You have Made

Adding something that you have made all by yourself can also be a great gesture. You can include something that you and recipient, both like. If the recipient is a foodie then you can add a food item. Giving the gift basket a personal touch with the help of a hand-made card can proof to be a great help.

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Select a Unique Basket

Wicker baskets are one of the common baskets that are used. However, a majority of the times, the recipient does not know what to do with it after getting them. As a matter of fact, the recipient might already have such baskets in stock. You can use a creative basket like a picnic basket, glass or ceramic platter, or a wooden half barrel. You can get such unique containers from a garage sale.

Select the Right Filler

You need to make sure that you are using good filler. One of the good options is using excelsior. This is a fine wood shaving which is used by wineries for packing wine. This is environmentally safe and is also very attractive. However, it is a tad expensive than the conventional fillers. An alternative to excelsior is crinkle paper, shredded newspaper, or fresh or dried flowers.

Spice it Up

If you are done choosing the theme, including something personal, and using a unique container, you now need to perk it up a little. You should add an item which is consistent with the theme of the basket but can be used for a different purpose. For instance, when you make a gift basket for a foodie, apart from including the food items, you can add some spa items or some toys for the kids of the recipient.

You need to keep the size of the gift basket in mind. Make sure that it is appreciated in the first glance, itself. Read this interesting article on why you should gift your employees often.

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